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Weekend of Ratatouille

For Jen’s birthday weekend, we invited some friends over for dinner on Saturday night.  Jen always like to cook up a storm for dinner guests but she had to change up her game a bit this weekend as two of our friends recently switched to a vegetarian diet.

Jen decided to make a ratatouille and cous cous dish and she prepared it in the style shown in the Pixar film Ratatouille, which itself is based on an interpretation of the dish created by French Laundry chef Thomas Keller.  It looked pretty kick ass when she finished slicing and dicing.

Ratatouille preperation: first get a bazillion slices of cucumber, pepper, squash and eggplant

Ratatouille - looks awesome, tastes better

It was quite a merry night to say the least.  You may remember that I spent a day at a microbrewery in July and the three crates of beer from that particular excursion arrived on Saturday.  A few days earlier, our wine collection that we won from our online auction also arrived.  Lastly, being a very social whisky drinker, I was keen to have a few rounds of the new single malts that I picked up in Scotland.

Our well-stocked computer room floor

The whisky collection is coming along nicely

After a big Saturday night that finished up around 3am after watching the Wallabies last gasp win over South Africa, we had a nice quiet Sunday indoors as it was chucking down with rain.  So what better way to pass time on a lazy Sunday afternoon that building a 3,000 piece puzzle depicting the bombardment of the Algiers?

Sunday afternoon in the Inoue house

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