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100 Days

Three stories:

first story-
I spent Monday night at Mcgees after we went to watch some (terrible) bands at the Rosemount. Next morning we both had classes at 9 in the morning so we went in to uni together. It was one of those mornings where everything was going our way. Only had to wait at the bus stop for a minute and the bus was there. We made such good time that we found we could sit in a cafe in the city for breakfast. So we ordered coffee and a muffin and just sat and chatted. We talked about the end of the year. Mcgee is off to London in the middle of November. She still has one year of uni to go. I finish at the end of the year and have no idea what I’m doing. There is a good chance I could leave Perth.

“So…that means we only really have about 100 days left to hang out. Anything after that is up in the air?”
“…something like that.”

We kinda looked at each other then down in our coffee cups. And then at the same time:

“Lets not talk about it.”

second story-
We got a warning letter from the lady in number 24. She wrote an official complaint letter to the owners of the building because we were leaving our shoes out on the landing. What the hell is that? Isn’t that what a landing is for? We even had our shoes all tidy-like and neatly lined up. She isn’t even on our floor! So Kolitha and me, we’re now at war with number 24. We’re thinking of what to do. Pouring syrup in her mailbox and emptying the trash on her car are top of the list at the moment.

third story-
I got an email from my mom. Her kemo treatment is coming along okay although her hair has fallen out now. I’m amazed at how quickly it all happened. I always imagined it kinda happened gradually. She said she has to wear a hat or a beanie all the time now so she picked out a nice one so she could ‘still look cool’. That made me smile. I’m so proud of how my mom is handling things. I wish I back in Brunei again. I can’t wait until December.

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big ups to you edo. i’d give you a hug if i could.

Posted by angela @ 08/07/2003 03:57 PM AST

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