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Ooooh yeeeaah

rite have to make this quick, cuz i’m using my flate mate’s computer without him knowing. He’s out on the piss anyway.

Today was stupidly hot. Like tropical hot, i spent most of the afternoon stuck to the living room floor melting away. My mate Viren stopped in,. and i tagged along with him to the gym to see how my friend Darragh was doing. A load of Italian teenboppers seem to have taken over our campus over the summer. They’re cheeky fukkers. They swear at you in Italian if you dont give them a cigarette. I know they’re swearing because many years ago Jacopo taught all of us how to swear in Italian. heh. I’m clever.

The trouble with the heat here is the garbage stinks, and the smell wafts up to our flat. Its so not nice. After that we had a water fight at the girl’s house, to cool off. We filled up the paddling pool and water pistols (we collect those, being mature students and all) and it was cooling goodness. After that i saved Luan’s goldfish from suffocation seeing as she didnt realise she had to put oxygen tablets in the tank. That deserves ten points. I got the most random phone call from my friend Duncan who lives in Hatfield the town that my mum lives in. Its like 45 mintues away from London. Anyway, he’s the taxi driver who usually picks me up from the airport. He’s the most laidback dude in the world, and we really get on. I reckon he should have been a student. Anyway, he rang to tell me had a spare ticket to the V festival next week, and i was the first person he thought of to ask if i wanted to go. I’M GOING TO THE V FESTIVAL BABY! i’m seeing the Foo Fighters, the Chili Peppers and Queens of the Stone Age just to name a few. Three days of smelly festival fun. Wicked. His purple hair and my red hair will match.

OK. I’m off to melt some more. Honestly, i drink so much water, it’s like a scene out of the Faculty.

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First Pat, now Angela! How come no one gives me free tickets to shows?

Posted by Edo @ 08/07/2003 12:29 PM AST

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