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The Peking Duck pancakes at Mr Wongs

Mr Wong



Mr Wong is a new Cantonese eatery located in inner city Sydney that was set up by chefs Dan Hong and Jowett Yu.  In its first year its already won a plethora of awards including a two Chef Hat rating and the Best New Restaurant in Sydney, as recognized by the Good Food Guide of 2014.  The venue is plush and inviting, with a Colonial style interior furnished with classy ornamental trimmings.  It looks amazing and thanks to its popularity and five million servers, it is a hive of activity.

For starters, we got a serve of pork buns which were light, fluffy and flavoursome.  There was plenty of other dishes on the dim sum menu that looked great (duck spring rolls, Alaskan king crab noodle wrap) but we wanted to save space for the mains.

Patrons raved about the peking duck pancakes and with good reason.  They’re served with a delicious crispy skin and sweet meat that is on the money.  We also had the crispy fried Balmain bugs with spicy salt.  People rave about the mud crab but the bugs were more filling than we anticipated so we decided to pass on them, albeit reluctantly.  I saw a server carry the mud crab dish past our table and it smelt amazing.





We came away very happy with Mr Wong.  The venue is a decent size, occupying two floors, so we got in during the lunch rush hour without needing to book ahead.  The service is lightning fast and the exquisite decor makes you feel comfortable and at home, even though you’re dining with a hundred other patrons.

I’d love to come back here with a bigger group and really go to town ordering a bunch of share dishes.  The mud crabs looked great but so did the steamed fish, butter prawns and the stir fried chicken.

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