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‘On deadline’

.. those are two words that I have thrown around for most of the week in an attempt to justify me being a bit touchy and on-edge.

Currently, and I use this word very fittingly, I am juggling two features and a project that need to be done by my editorial dealine on Friday.. Although it is very much an editorial deadline and not the print dealine (note: view the former as more of a guideline), I am not in the position to be missing it as Friday also coincides with my last day at the job. Therefore, the pressure is on.

As the end of my time here is nigh, I have found myself with the all-to-familiar feeling of loss and sadness that you get when leaving a job despite how much you don’t enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, the last sentence was made hypothetically, I actually quite enjoyed the work and I have learnt an awful lot since being here, but I just feel as though I have hit my limit writing about biofuels.. Although I am now aware that you can make energy from poo, this is always a good fact to have a social doos.

As of next week I have two choices to help me kill the time between now and ‘the great Aussie wedding adventure’:

Option (i): I’m waiting back to hear if I have got a three-week copywriting internship at a toy company;
Option (ii): Sit on my arse, watch the first two Ashes tests, and maybe manage a cheeky trip over to Italy to see the parents.

Either way both suit me just fine, but I am still hoping the phone rings.
*sigh* Does this mean that I’ve finally grown up?


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  1. Ashes and Italy trip all the way.

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