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Bring it back to me

just a post of shorts.

As edo stated before, Bizzos is back! hooray! infact i was just reading through it and think that you all should go read DJ Decepticon’s post “The war machine keeps turning”… well, i liked it anyway.

Another weekend in which i didnt do much so not much to report… just spent time with my girlfriend and that was bout all… oh, exam study and all that too.

Serina Williams started crying cause she was boo-ed at the french open… i laughed, this made me happy.

i liked this too. it made me laugh… its quite catchy too!!

I bought the Rise Against album ‘revolutions per minute’. if your a fan of fast political punk rock with some nice screams then this is a fucking awesome album… i recomend.

Never trust sex… especially when it involves two of your best friends and your brother. (more?)



Posted by Matt @ 02:00 AM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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Thanks for the pluggage guys!

Posted by DJ Decepticon @ 06/10/2003 01:16 AM AST

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