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Come in from bouncy land!

Werent Aqua the coolest?

Its been a weird week. my last week of school ever. I’m happy cause i’ve finished all but my three french exams, those will conclude on Monday. sexual. However, this does mean that i can proceed to do absolutly nothing until monday when hardcore revision re-commences. Wooo!

Only 3 days til the release of ‘Harry Potter 5: The order of the phoenix’ so much sexualness!! … speaking of which, there’s been loads of crazy ass hysteria going on round England about the book… i mean just this week two, thats right TWO, delievery vans have been hijacked and robbed of there contents… what is there contents? well bookstore supplies of the Harry Potter 5!! … dam i which i had that idea.

This weekend should be a pretty decent one. going to Sara’s house on friday… (use your imagination) then of saturday i’m going to the second day of my friend’s stone-a-thon weekend, hopefully with Sara too. Sunday i will spend with Sara yet again and then crackdown on some aforementioned hardcore French revision. hmm, i wonder what sex is like in french… i mean how many different ways can you say ‘i’m done’?

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