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Graveyard shift, money and movie extras

My job is increasingly getting gayer and gayer, so i figure i will look for a new job when i am NOT working. For 40 hours a week, i drill holes in bathtubs at a factory, now this sounds ok because it pays 11.50/hr, but really its just gay, using power tools just takes a toll on your fingers. At this point I figure any job that applies what i have gone to school for the last two years will be good enough. At worst, Holland will be financed by my profession of producing bathtub and shower drains.

Oh yeah, right now i am working graveyard shifts with some dumb english guy from Liverpool, some old ass aussie from adelaide that called me a limey, and some random guys that are either bitter or literally just stupid.

The new Kurt Russell movie: ‘Miracle’ is being filmed in vancouver and EVERYONE in my group of buddies except Steve went down to be extras. Me and Steve have jobs see, gay but full time. They are currently the crowd in an ice hockey game or something. Thinking that we will watch this movie and see a bunch of my friends in the background, like Daro some spikey haired Cambodian…weird.

I may get a job titled: ‘Marketing Co-ordinator for the Down Town Vernon Association’….sounds fairly decent than ‘Bathtub production worker’. Find out next week, *fingers crossed*.

Juventus really SUCK at taking penalties, the game was terrible too….I too wish Nedved was playing…hes badass.

Some chicks commented on Edo’s approach with Polly…looks harsh but something to think about.

Has anyone been Dirtbiking….i attempted to do this the other day…and it took me about three seconds to fall off and make everywhere on my body sore. I wont be dirtbiking anytime soon.

Oh look…time to go work again. Yay!

Posted by Pat @ 04:32 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

I was in the crowd too. as for daro i think i known who you meen.
It was lots of fun. See you in the movies.

Posted by hollywood mike pg @ 08/25/2003 12:23 PM AST

I was in the crowd too. as for daro i think i known who you meen.
It was lots of fun. See you in the movies.

Posted by hollywood mike @ 08/25/2003 12:22 PM AST

me too. even though i’ve never met daro.

Posted by Mike @ 05/30/2003 12:32 AM AST

I am going to watch this film just for seeing Daro as an extra.

Posted by Edo @ 05/29/2003 06:57 PM AST

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