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Hey little girl, look what you do

It’s been a while since I kept y’all informed on my life across the pond, so here goes…I am going to attempt to write this post like a newspaper, coz I am odd like that.

Breaking News: I went to Lagwagon and Pulley in Ventura last night and quite honestly, I am still quite deaf. I can’t hear jack shit. I need to start wearing earplugs to gigs coz now everything I try to listen to sounds really bass-heavy. We were driving home last night and had the stereo fucking blazing, but none of us could hear it. But thats okay, coz we were all completely pissed drunk.

Older News: I finished my finals last week. I have to find out how badly I flunked my math class so I know how much more I have to jack it up for next semester when I re-take…hee hee.

Arts: I bought a shitload of new cds last week. Here is what their publicist has told me to say:
– > Alkaline Trio “Good Mourning” – Very good, if you like the Trio sound.
– > The Real McKenzies “Oot and Aboot” – For every person who liked the dropkick murphys but wished they were scottish. FUCKING AWESOME CD.
– > Pistol Grip “Another Round” – Saw these guys last week with Swinging Utters and Youth Brigade and they stole the show. Fucking good angry punk rock
– > Silverstein “Self-Titled” – If you like the used, finch, funeral for a friend, taking back sunday or any other emo-core band you care to mention, this band is for you.
– > Less Than Jake “Anthem” – It’s growing on me, but is not even close to being as good as “Borders and Boundries” let alone thier earlier stuff. This is not going to make LTJ any more popular. Go back to fat wreckchords. (they also re-do “Look what happened” from “Borders and Boundries” and it sounds WORSE!)
– > The Ataris “So Long Astoria” – I love this CD. As good as most of their stuff.

In other music news I have had Unwritten Law’s “Cailin” stuck in my head for 3 days. I think everyone should listen to that, purely for the “Hit Me” right before the guitar solo.

Sports: ERm, I managed to pull a muscle in my arm playing frisbee. I didn’t know it was possible to injure yourself playing frisbee but clearly I was wrong. I’m such a hazard to myself.
I also have asked this Whitney bird out on a “date” so we’ll see how that goes. I’m not sure whether to go for dinner and a movie, or dinner and a gig to watch the Titsofrenix. The titsofrenix are good friends of mine, and are an all girl punk rock band who sound like a more talented Donnas. Any feedback?
(do girls count as sport?)

And how come “Chris” is giving me negative Karma. Oh well, It’s not keeping me up at night.

Going to Warped Tour in a few weeks. YES!

Posted by Sam @ 09:16 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

i think it’s quite good. it’s a lot more mature. to tell you the truth i think it’s the album that border and boundaries tried to be. even though i think that album is awesome. i think this one is actually better lyrically. musically it might be a bit weaker. but vinnie’s lyrics are a lot more focused. though as sam noted, the re-recording of “Look What Happened” is not as good as the original. i’d give it a 4/5. sit down and actaully listen to what they’re singing about and you’ll see just how powerful the record is. that and the production is fucking sweet. Rob Cavallo is a genius.

Posted by mike @ 05/30/2003 10:35 PM AST

Thats disappointing to hear about the LTJ album. Even moreso when I spent so damn long trying to download a copy.

Anyone got a second opinion on this album?

Posted by Edo @ 05/30/2003 01:24 PM AST

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