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State of the site post

Hello Readers.

As you have all probably noticed, there have been almost no updates on the main page of this site. This is because we are currently in the process of looking to see if we can automate the process of updating the main page so it will be less cumbersome that the current method of manually editing the code. If we succeed in implementing a new method of updating, it should in theory not only make for more frequent updates, but the pages should also load quicker when we implement tighter coding and it should also allow for other members of the site to do updates. We have no guarentee if this will come in to fruition or any date for when any of this might happen but I thought it would be good to explain that we know about the lack of updates and are looking to find a way to improve the site for everyone.

I’d appreciate any feedback or other suggestions for improving the site in the comments of this post.


Posted by Edo @ 07:08 PM AST [Link] [5 comments]

Replies: 5 comments

hahaha..just read comments from this Fucked Angel….this beginning to get interesting.. like watching dawson’s creek..except these are actual real ppl…

and b4 you can give me the …I cant imagin a bunch of girls sitting around a laptop reading a blog in a cafe comment…Edo, I’d like to confess that i am on the web often and have no life…

…have been logging on to this site on and off and some of the stuffs u guys write are pretty neat..
but dude..this girl who calls herself Fucked Angel (…hehe..Fucked trying to sound like a rebel or something kid?)) she has got a really sound kinda a three year old..and really self righteous..but then again, i am a girl with no life…so what do i know right..

but is somehting you should think about..

Posted by Maya @ 05/30/2003 10:49 PM AST

and paying for blogger is a fuking farse.

Posted by Tommy tom tommy tom tom @ 05/30/2003 03:52 AM AST

Just get graymattr/movable type. It’s a piece of piss to set up and you can pretty much do what the fuck you want with oit once you’ve got it, make archiving that much easier aswell. I don’t know about Movable Type but wirth Gramater if yu take some time to learn about all the tag and shit you can do everything you need to for the main page.

Posted by Tommy tom tommy tom @ 05/30/2003 03:51 AM AST

the blogger site is

Posted by chris @ 05/30/2003 01:36 AM AST

you could try paying $5 and useing the blogger plus through an ftp or waht ever, thats realy easy to use

Posted by chris @ 05/30/2003 01:35 AM AST

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