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Seriously, i don’t know why i didn’t suggest we just use wordpress before. it’s awesome. and we have it for our back end on as it works like a treat. colour me slow i guess.

since i last blogged stuff has happened. lots i imagine, however you all know i have a sieve-like memory so it’s all a bit hazy. rest assured i have been doing things.

looking forward to hitting Brisbane for the wedding in july/august and then Adelaide afterwards. it’s been far too long a stint away.

i’m off to my first E3 tomorrow. not for the magazine surprisingly but for the fine folks at i am both excited and extremely terrified by the sheer amount of appointments on my schedule. i’m used to print where i can go to these things, get sloshed and then write about it from the comfort of my bedroom 3 weeks later when my deadline is due. this whole blog journalism thing means that won’t be possible and i will actually have to work. lol. look at me complaining about going to the biggest games convention in all the land. for free. woe is me. what a jackass.

i also just got done watching Nick & Nora’s Infinate Playlist. it was a cute film, more importantly though it resonated in me a feeling that i got when i was in London recently as well and that’s that i miss living somewhere where there is an ounce of soul to it. it’s very superficial here, which is manageable but after a while you start to miss things. like storm drains. or 3am ice milo. bah. i’m hung over. and Rasha is away in Saudi and i miss her.

it’s good to have the site back up.

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Mike currently lives in Dubai where he spends his time updating his twitter feed more often than keeping current with this far more thoughtful blog. sorry.

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  1. Man you are going to have a crazy schedule live-blogging your E3 experience for both and

    Can’t say I’ve been to Dubai but I know what you mean about experiencing a city with no soul. Shenzen was very much like that.

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