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World Cup 2014: Brazil vs Colombia




Brazil vs Colombia.  It’s the anointed hero – Brazil’s photogenic striker Neymar – versus the unheralded hero – Colombia’s James Rodriguez, who scored one of the goals of the tournament and has been knocking them in at a rate of a goal a game.  Let’s see who comes out on top.

7′  GOAL!  1-0 BRAZIL

Some incredibly sloppy defending off a corner sees an unmarked Thiago Silva tap it in at the far post for Brazil.  First goal scored by a Brazilian captain in two decades apparently.

Neymar falling on his ass as he comes over to join the celebration…

8′  Goddamn, the atmosphere in Fortaleza is amazing.  Just absolutely heaving.

10′  Very open game, being played at a hundred miles an hour.  David Luiz looks hilarious when he breaks.

15′  Both teams have had some great chances.


20′  Foul


23′  Foul


26′  Foul


28′  Foul


31′  Foul


33′  Foul


34′  Foul


38′  Foul


39′  Foul


41′  Foul


42′  Foul


44′  Foul


HALFTIME  The game started brightly.  What the hell was that?  Hopefully the second half improves and isn’t so-


46′  Foul


49′  Foul


51′  Foul


52′  Foul


53′  Foul


58′  Foul


59′  Foul


63′  Foul


64′  After FORTY-ONE fouls, the referee finally pulls out a yellow for the captain and goal scorer Thiago Silva when he rugby tackles the goal keeper.  The ref has had an absolute shocker here.  Brazil have kept Rodriguez at bay by hacking the shit out of him and the refs have given the Colombians absolutely nothing.


66′  Rodriguez commits his first foul and is given a yellow straight away by the ref.  What.  The.  Hell.  I didn’t expect the favourtism towards Brazil to be this blatant.


69′  Goal, 2-0 Brazil.  That’s probably game over right there.  David Luiz with an incredible free kick that dipped and swerved from 30 yards out.




71′  Foul (sigh)


73′  Foul


77′  Foul


78′  Foul


79′  Foul


81′  Penalty to Colombia!  Rodriguez converts!  2-1 and its game on!  Aaaaaah What the hell is that giant bug thing on Rodriguez?




88′  Neymar stretchered off 0_o




Brazil advance 2-1 in a cynical game that had fleeting moments of excitement but was wrecked by the poor officiating.


In a weird gesture of ‘sportsmanship’, David Luiz consoles a crying James Rodriguez by swapping shirts and presumably apologizing for hacking his shins for eighty minutes.


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