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Pre-release Beast

Alot has changed since i last made a contribution to the site. I have flaming red hair, a new girlfriend, lead role in a musical and my band now is rocking the county with serious rocking-county capabilities. But aside from that, it is good to be back into the blogging stream of things (however, the main site is down at the moment).

I thought i’d do something different today so here is an album review: (enjoy)

The other day i decided to download the pre-release third Sum41 album ‘Does this look infected?’ … what to say? I’ll start by saying that it is alot more serious than their previous attempts. It starts very well (for the style that is suited to them) has a few forgetable tracks, but has some very good songs which i’m sure will find there way to the top of the charts in the coming months. However, there are certian aspects of it which you almost have to laugh about. What is ment by this is that it feels that the band has not been able to find a specific genre, as they play around with what they do best (mix rap(esq) lyrics with mainstream punk rock), to attempted hardcore, to Offspring sounding rifts, even to a papa roach sounding song…

To summerize, this album is a good first listen and is alot more serious than before. However when you start to analyse the release it is quite clear that ‘the sums’ have not an idea which direction they are heading. But hey, its music of the moment. good, catchy, listenable. ***

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