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How about ‘no’, you freaky Dutch bastard

Recently i have come across the finest assemblement of music on a CD that has ever been compiled, this CD is simply titled: ‘Rocking the Suburbs’ by Ben Folds. For everyone who has heard this album, i’m sure you have experianced the sheer pleasure it is to place it in your player and consider the true talent that this album emits. Put simply… SO GOOD!

I’m off to Amsterdam tommorrow. Playing football. Should be enjoyable.

oh, and if anyone can recommend what there is for me to do whilst i’m in the low-country then it would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by Matt @ 05:23 PM AST [Link]

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um…what kind of question is “what do i do in amsterdam?” ?

you mean aside from drinking, smoking pot and visiting the many strip clubs, right?

there’s a good punk record store there. fuck me if i know where it is though. near the mellow yellow cafe. shit…it’s been like two years since i went there.

i’m sure there’s probably some good comic shops too.

Posted by mike @ 10/18/2002 06:56 PM AST

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