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Jingle Bells

So uni is out for a while. Me and Luan have invaded the gym with hash cakes and fried rice and are just hanging out with the boys here like lsoers. Its a friday night…we’re in our wild twenties. So much for bigging it up! We were supposed to get tickerts to go to Westwood’s gig, but they sold out. Its kind of funny hanging in here, a bit mental really. They’re yelling about cricket balls and someone called Diego checking up on us. I’ve never met this Diego fella. He’s in Norway apparently.

I did all my Xmas shoppin gin one day. Achievement! I wrapped them up too.

My birthday was good. We went out to a restaurant in the west end, and went to a couple of bars. On Thursday, we had a big Xmas party. It was well good. On Monday was mock Xmas day at the girl’s house. The turkey was massive. I hid an onion inside it. Hah hah. Yesterday our flat had a Xmas dinner, it was a mess. I cooked, but the flat is in a state. As always.

I leave on Tuesday for Brunei. I don’t wanna go!!!

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Posted by Pat @ 12/22/2003 10:57 PM AST

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