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Some Call Me Sal, Some Call Me Sam

Its hard to believe that i have failed to mention that i am off to holland for a football tour next weekend. My god, it should be shit loadsa fun… we’re scheduled to play 4 matches and go watch Ajax amsterdam play a league match… now i know the dutch league football isnt the greatest… but HELL it’ll do!

But thats too far in the future… this coming weekend is looking ever promising. I got my tickets in the mail today to go see the Bosstones in london on Friday night after school… which is always sexy! So after watching th bosstones, me and my friends have a couple hours in london drinking before we go back to my friend’s house where we sleep most of the day before going to a huge house party held by one of my other friends on saturday night. Then it is all rounded up by having to come back to school on Sunday to play a football match.

Busy Busy Busy!


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