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Pass me a walking stick and speak up!

I dont want to feel old. I dont want to think that the days of ‘constant partying’ as Pat puts it, are over. But if you think about it…maybe its the begining of the end of it for us?! Look at us all! most of us have found someone we could quite happily ‘settle’ with. Fun changes its meaning the older you get. Dammit i remember when we were 14 and fun for us was racing to the top of the car park in Bandar to smoke and spit on people down below. Actually, thinking about it, what the hell were we thinking?? Now i know its definitely Fred Savage time again….so enough of that.

Hey Tim! I be good. =P

I have two more days left in Brunei. I’m pretty pleased with myself. Before i got here i made a mental note of everything i wanted to do while i was here. And i have done them all! I went to the beach, i met up and made peace with old friends, i got a spanking new tan, went swimming, went fishing *yum*, and thats about all i can think of. I dont really mind flying back either. I get to see lots of people when i get back. I have Ronan and Ismay staying with me for a few days, and then i’m off to some birthday weekend at the seaside, and then to this silly Skool Disco place one night, and then Sam, Tom and Eric are coming down! YAY! I get to dress up in school uniform. Except that no one i know has ever worn their uniforms like that.

Does anyone remember that girl, Anna, we went to school with? if you do, here’s her website address

Okay. Furry muff?

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