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Psychosomatic Addict

I grabbed a round container in the cafeteria, hoping to get some bland fried rice into my system before my lowering blood sugar levels did my body irreparable harm. I felt nauseated, and I noticed that my hands were shaking. I rebuked myself mentally, and tried to stop the trembling, hoping that no one else had noticed my lack of control.

I’d never been in this state before. Many times I had gone without breakfast in the morning, but I’d usually get something to eat at university about an hour later. This morning, I was a wreck. I didn’t look like it, but inside I was being consumed by a poison that infiltrated my cells, corrupting them and setting them on fire.

I felt a little better, but no less ill after spooning the rice and assorted vegetables down my throat. I found it hard to concentrate for any extended period of time. With a weary sigh of resignation, partly because I had a suspicion as to the likely cause for my affliction, I went back to the cafeteria and bought a Lift Plus. The thick, icy cold liquid washed down my throat like a cleansing elixir. As it entered my system, the fire in my cells was put out, and there was a warm chemical rush of endorphins.

I had just suffered from caffeine withdrawal, and it felt like a really bad alcoholic hangover. Despite never having been physically dependent on a chemical substance before in my life, university has turned me into a caffeine addict.

Posted by Dan @ 04:20 PM AST [Link]

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Umm…what do those words mean?

Posted by Allison @ 07/04/2003 05:10 PM AST

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