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It’s March Already

Last week, i headed to a musical called We Will Rock You with a load of live Queen music as the title shows. It was pretty entertaining, its pretty hard to explain all the crazy stuff that was going on but thumbs up overall.

The other night, i had a couple friends from work come over to have a couple drinks and watch the Arsenal match. It ended at 5:30am after we finished the gin, the beer, the chocolate and everything else in the fridge, my roommate gave us a one hour lecture on how and why to party. It was really impressive, climaxed by here getting on her knees begging for us to continue partying. Really passionate stuff. We danced to the radio to songs that we havent heard in ages. Damm i love Primal Scream. The funny this is I had work at 9 where we all went still drunk. Then we had a staff meeting where the boss was basically calling us a load of slackasses and just because we were interns we couldnt not work as hard as everyone else. We sat there having no sleep the night before reeking like a brewery. Oops…didnt make a good impression.

Been spending quite a few days hanging out with John Mc, playing ridiculous amounts of Tiger Woods golf 2004. Smoking some joints, drinking some beer and eating some solid fantastic Scottish Breakfasts. Good stuff…oh and doing some serious reminising of Brunei, the good ol days. Weird that as i actually really havent hung out with anyone from brunei with the exception of visiting edo since 2000. Its now 2004. I even saw Oliver Wahab and Shafee. And Valerie Chua on the bus….randomness!

I booked my flight home to Canada on July 6. Not after booking my flight to Amsterdam to go to Sensation, the biggest party event in Amsterdam Arena. Everyone has to wear white, i hear its amazing so i figured to would be a good cap on the year in Europe.

Its now pouring rain outside…fuck! Gotta love the weather in this bloody country.

Man Utd out of Europe…amazing!..Juventus out too…whats going on here. Arsenal and Chelsea playing in the quarters…should be interesting.

Last time i saw Angela i was sick and nearly fell asleep on her couch…good impression.

I realized i havent updated this in yonks!

Condolences to people in Spain about Madrid bombing!

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