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I’m going to be known as that poo girl from now on, aren’t I?

I’m Angela. I used to go to school with these fellas. I go to uni in London now. I get to play with cameras and stuff. I’m in Brunei for another few days. Summer rocks. I’m twenteen this year. I like Malibu and Coke.

Ahh, cigarettes.

Now thats something i can tell you about. Nothing wrong with Marlboro Lights. Or Menthol. Or Mediums. Hell, i’ll smoke anything.

Sex. I like sex. We all like sex. Sex!!

Why do people always feel inclinated to tell me their gross-out stories? Or another thing yet….why am i always around when it happens? Take sunday afternoon for instance. I went fishing!! We went out on a boat to some house boat place in the middle of the sea near Serasa. Nice, peaceful…hammocks and lots of fishing rods and bait. But, the toilet. Oh my god, the toilet. Out there, there is no such thing as a proper flushing system. So off my friend merrily went to the loo. I didnt take much notice, just sat there on the wooden deck feet dangling in the water. I was even humming to that Otis Redding song…you know the one that goes, “sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tiiiiide roll away” yada yada yada…anyway. I hear water trickling away. I still pay no attention. And as i look closer into the water, i notice the fish are hurrying away to peck at new fresh bait.No, it was not bait they were pecking at…FLOATER!!!!!!! I pulled my feet out quick. Note: i did not eat ANYTHING we caught after that. No way…in fact i dont think i ever will. All this time these fat hungry fish have been feeding on people’s poo poo. No thank you.

Then there was that time Jess took a crap and there was no bog roll. Thats another story altogether. Me and Edo just sat there Q tipping our ears. Ear waxy goodness.

About Angela

Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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