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Champions of the World!!!

Ignore Edo’s post below… It did no justice to the match which was described as “THE Best Rugby World Cup Final in recent history” … no All Black supporter could explain the brillience of this match.


Could there be anymore drama? With 1 minute left in the match and England leading 14-11 the Australians completed an amazing secondhalf recovery, coming back from 14-5 down at half time, by kicking a penalty with the last kick of the game to bring the World Cup final into extra time. My christ was my heart in my mouth and anger in my brain as setting in was the realization that England had thrown away a 9 point lead in the final…

However, with complete professionalism the tournament favorites regained their composure and with that regained the lead, thanks to excellent work from the ever-excellent (and much critisized) Mike Catt, in which another penalty was converted by the infalable (and hero) Jonny Wilkinson. Advantage England.

But such it was with this Australian side, they didnt give in and werent gonna let the country down without a fight and for the second time in the match Elton Flatley had another penelty to equal the match with 2 minutes remaining… what an ass… 17-17. Was it possible that england could let it slip AGAIN! SO MUCH ANGER!!

Straight from the resulting kickoff and with a mere 90seconds remaining Australia gave the ball away to the england forwards and Heroic capitian Martin Johnson gave Jonny Wilkinson the chance to drop-kick Englands way into history… 20-17.


For those of you who read this and thought: “Matt is SO bias”… well then fuck off, i know i am but … WE are the first northern hemisphere team to have won the RWC… WE won against everybodys doubts… and more importantly WE are the World Champions! (and hey, lets be truthful… england dont win very often: except in tiddlywinks)

This ones for you Clive..


Posted by Matt @ 07:55 PM AST [Link] [18 comments]

Replies: 18 comments

i wouldn’t rely on him so fucking much, cos if he is injured like he almost was twice england would’ve bheen up shits creek

yes i realise i cannot spell i have a mild form of ADD and somehow i get dslexia in a mild way

Posted by chris @ 11/29/2003 05:17 PM AST

I love the way Matt’s able to change his almost obsessive patrioticness from English to Italian depending on what suits him…

Posted by Erin @ 11/26/2003 03:36 AM AST

“Jonny is amzing he is possibly teh greatest kicker the game as ever seen, i don’t agree with how england use him but he is absolutely amazing.” – chris

um.. so if you had the greatest kicker ever (your words) would you have him run and pass more? thats pretty stupid dude… thats like putting Ronaldo in goal.

Posted by Matt @ 11/25/2003 09:16 AM AST

Chris, if you were a coach, how would you use Jonny?

And yes Matt, they did win Team of the Year. The IRB have a pretty stupid ranking system though.

Posted by Edo @ 11/25/2003 02:27 AM AST

Yea Chris, you’re rubbish at spelling.

Posted by Polly @ 11/25/2003 12:16 AM AST

You dont agree with how England use him….they won the world cup!! How can they improve on that.

How come you can’t spell anything?

Posted by Pat @ 11/24/2003 11:18 PM AST

england play ugly rugby, when the allblacks played liek taht io the 80’s rugby almost died cos no one wanted to watch, so IRB decision was based ont eh flair, excitement and the win record of the teams not just the later. Johnny is amzing he is possibly teh greatest kicker the game as ever seen, i don’t agree with how england use him but he is absolutely amazing.

Posted by chris @ 11/24/2003 07:56 PM AST

isnt it great that Jason Robinson played his only good game for england this year in the final!

Jen: 95 final? there were no trys!

dont you think it hurts kiwis to find that they have only won the tournament once on that was nearly 20 years ago… and yet they still think they are the best in the world?

Edo: did the Blacks really win IRB team of the year? cause you do realize that england have lost one game this year… ONE, and that was a complete second string team against a fullstrenght french team… (16-15).

Posted by Matt @ 11/24/2003 04:31 PM AST

who the fuck is jonny? and what the kind of piss poor excuse for a game is rugby?

Posted by mike @ 11/24/2003 03:37 PM AST

hehe, this comments thread is pretty funny.

Posted by Edo @ 11/24/2003 02:09 AM AST

Dear matt, pat and chris,jonny is a cocksucker really! he should join the chicks soccer team. I’m bias….

Posted by Polly @ 11/24/2003 02:03 AM AST

Actually the ’95 final was pretty fucking good despite the better team losing. I’d vote for that, probably cos there was no Wendell or Martin Johnson to ruin it all…

Posted by Jen @ 11/24/2003 12:32 AM AST

“THE Best Rugby World Cup Final in recent history”

Uh…the competition has only been going since 1987. So all the history is recent, dude.


Posted by Edo @ 11/24/2003 12:26 AM AST

Jonny isnt that over-rated but he will never be the greatest, that honour could only ever go to the likes of Gavin Hastings. There is nothing wrong with split loyalties, you cant help being multinational and not feel reverence for both (or more in my case) countries…

Posted by Jen @ 11/24/2003 12:24 AM AST

Jonny is NO WAY near over-rated…hes the best fly-half ever…hes so good at everything as well as kicking


Posted by Pat @ 11/23/2003 11:06 PM AST

and johnny is not overated he is a fucking amazing rugby player

Posted by chris @ 11/23/2003 11:02 PM AST

has anyone else noticed that matt is italian when they win, and english when they win?

Posted by chris @ 11/23/2003 11:00 PM AST

Matt you are bias! Jonny is overated. 🙂

Posted by Polly @ 11/23/2003 09:49 PM AS

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