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How to fake your way through everything

I made my big screen acting debut today when my role as John the HomoStonerPunk was screened to the second year drama film students. I don’t actually know what the title of the short film was. Despite my absolutely pants acting skills and my thoroughly unconvincing turn as a smoker, people bought it. Better yet, they gave me positive comments.

“He has nice hair”

And really, that’s all you need. Confidence and a different look takes you far. I’m in Week Ten of my semester and I haven’t done ANYTHING in my multimedia class but I am one of the top ranking students because all we’ve been required to do at this stage is give a 10 minute oral presentation about what you plan to do. I fed them total crap but it was my confidence that my shit didn’t stink that gave me high marks. Of course, now I have haul ass and actually do the work but the battle’s already half won.

Always nice to see Angela writing here. She’s so happy!!

Crap-ass weekend where I narrowly missed watching Goldmember twice and an excellent booze-fest on Sunday was ruined by Neil kicking out Kenny’s best friend Martina out of a house several miles away because Kevin and Yvonne didn’t tell Neil about the new house arrangements which caused Shirley to go totally apeshit and putting Rob in an awkward position. It’s complicated. The end result was that instead of staying out, we went home and ate swiss rolls. I had two slices.

You know what music I like right now? The Vines, Queens of the Stone Age and that Underneath It All song by No Doubt. Fabulous I tells ya.


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