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Standing around for 8 hours a day really makes you tired. I’ve had film shoots for the last 4 days and it’s pretty exhausting. The very idea of having a full time job where I actually work 8 hours a day or MORE for five days a week fills me with dread.

Last night I actually got in front of the camera in my first on-screen speaking role. I played John, the gay stoner punk guy. I kid you not. Fortunately there was no man-on-man action required for the role. I just had to sit on a couch and smoke lots (not actual drugs).

Over the weekend I was filmed my first ever bedroom scene. It was interesting. The girl had way hairy armpits and so we had her roll on to her side. And when the guy got out of bed, his balls kept falling out of boxers and we kept having to do multiple takes until he kept the frank and beans tucked away.

A strange old man with an Indiana Jones hat approached us when we were filming in the street with a script for an anti-heroin commercial. He had a full storyboard with him and everything like he was wandering around the street looking for someone to make his commercial. He told us he had a 10,000 budget but we wouldn’t actually get any money. We told him we’d call him back.

We secured the rights to use a song by The Tigers for our music commercial. And we’re making a music video with either Spencer Tracy or Bordello next month! When one of these bands make it big I can be all smarty and say I worked with them pre-fame!

Apparently, all actors are dicks. When we posted a notice in the notice board in the Arts and Drama building at university, we politely asked for ‘x2 attractive females, one blonde and one brunette’ and ‘x1 attractive male’. Our ad got tagged to high hell with all sorts of comments like ‘everyone is beautiful’. Everyone is NOT beautiful. Surely being honest and specific saves time for everyone? If you’re looking for a fat sidekick to cast in a film, don’t you have to actually say he is fat?

I’m going to a Morrissey concert next month. He used to play in The Smiths. I quite like the idea of it all. The guy is a bit of a legend to children of the 80s and watching a bunch of usually composed 20somethings go completely apeshit and scream like schoolgirls appeals to me. The guy I bought the ticket with actually ran to the Ticketmaster outlet when we got to the mall. The fact that the concert hasn’t been promoted here at all makes me feel all special like I’m privy to the inner workings of the Perth music scene.

I’m starting to turn in to one of those people who has nothing to talk about except what they study. I think I need to do other stuff. I do a film shoot all day and then go home and watch a movie. How sick am I?

I’m watching Goldmember, xXx and The Cat’s Meow this weekend.

Posted by Edo @ 11:19 AM AST [Link]

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dude. Morrissey. what the fuck. that guys is a whiney fucker. you’d think for a guy who writes about how terrible is life is and all he’d have hurried up and killed himself by now. Morrissey is not cool. no no no.

Posted by mike @ 09/18/2002 08:23 PM AST

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