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Sipping Soma

There are few other times where I feel the most relaxed and content than just exiting a steam-filled bathroom after taking a hot shower. Just the feeling of absolute cleanliness, the smell of deodorised soap on the skin and the warmth of previously-worn clothes now donned again, this time against a heated body. It is also the time when I look the best, where my hair, each follicle loosened
from their hydrogen-bonded attraction to each other, has a certain rakish character to it that I try to emulate later without success through the use of gel. It is where I am free from the perpetually greasy sides of my nose and temple, and the insistent flaking of the skin on my forehead.

Yes, I have just come out of a hot shower, and I am feeling good.

Unfortunately, this all lasts for about five minutes or so, where my hair begins to dry and stick out in all directions, where the skin on my face rapidly becomes dry and flaky from the soap and I start to itch from the heat.

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