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Who didn’t kill Bambi?


i wanted to put a picture in this update. but have no clue as to how to go about doing that. so i cant. and wont. glad to see the site is working again. its annoying when its down. if you look in the archives. you may notice an enry for. december 1969. that is cool. today i continue to look for a job. i am phoning a guy called chris. he can apparently help me. though from what ive heard he sounds a bit like Dan Bell. midi. recording plonker this weekend. should be good. putting out a compilation early next year. gonna have an irish circus ska/punk band called mixtwitch on it. it will rock. Matt. if you get anything recorded. send me it. if its half decent i will put it on the comp. thats all from me now.
will you march to the end placid and paralyzed.

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Mike currently lives in Dubai where he spends his time updating his twitter feed more often than keeping current with this far more thoughtful blog. sorry.

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