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Snow leppard

It is truly incredible what the effect of falling frozen droplets of water can have on people. For those who are clueless to this point, yesterday was the first time that i saw snow in my life! and to be honest, i ran round scream and dancing like a little fairy princess!

It was hella impressive! outside at the moment its about 6 inches thick.. those of you reading from cold places will prolly scoff at this comment and then wanna kick my ass of stating it for public knowledge… but fuck that! snow is cool, and hell, i’ll be the best fairy princess i can be.

On another note, i was flicking thru my friends Kerrang! the other day and came across something that not only make me drop the mag but also wet my pants… Def Leppard, are coming to ENGLAND!! SO GOOD!! This means that by seeing them i will forever have something over Edo and Mike for the rest of their lives! BUHAHAHA!

*Satelite of Love!


Posted by Matt @ 05:02 PM AST [Link]

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you know…i saw a def leppard special the other night on SBS. this makes me more jealous of you than i regularly would be. i really want to see them…maybe they’ll shift their arses to australia.

Posted by mike @ 02/02/2003 06:22 AM AST

I am so jealous, man. I think we may have to re-evaluate our friendship. You get to see Def Friggin’ Leppard without me you lucky bastard!

Jimmy Eat World are in town this weekend. Somehow, its not the same.

Posted by Edo @ 02/01/2003 05:11 PM AST

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