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Weekend of Facebook and Football

So I booked in my Facebook username today and went with a rather predictable “”.  I’m still not sure I understand the point of having a Facebook Username but there was a lot I didn’t understand about Facebook when Pat first recommended it to me two years ago. I went out drinking last night with a friend from work in ...

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Gay Paree

This recent weekend i had the priviledge of visiting the capitals of Belgium and France: Brussels and Paris. Starting with Brussels, this was a law trip organized by the school, so a bus load of us headed down the highway (about two hours) to Brussels. We had two hours free to look around the city and check out the attractions. ...

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Whats cooler than being cool? Ice cold!

You know the Outkast song “hey ya” would be SO much better if i had breasts… i would shake them like a polaroid picture. Pretty decent last couple of days… Maddy (who is the female version of me) had a party at the empire hotel and with a fabulous 4hrs notice i met up with her and others to drink ...

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Still living with the myth that all french people wear beres

Salut! I have returned from my first truly independant holiday. It was, for lack of better words… fucking awesome. I’ll make the summary as brief as possible: me and two of my friends (Ben and Adam), decided that for 10 days we should backpack our way round the south of france. These ten days were crammed with alcohol, sex (not ...

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life hath dulled itself upon the rough surface of sloth. Beware, unwary goodfolk, for there be marshy depths that await in the journey ahead. Nothing seems to satisfy me but the tinkling of ice as it tumbles into an empty glass, and the hissing of New Zealand Karloff — an inferior but effective brand of vodka — being poured in, ...

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Winter virii


I can’t believe how scathing that last (or should I say, first) post was. I hope I haven’t offended anybody. I’ve just got this incredible anger against the world. No, I’m not a psychopath, I just have the flu and you know how illness tends to make you all indignant. One almost hates the world when one is sick, don’t ...

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Daily dose of fat

Hey, Sorry it’s been a while. Front page is fucked so I have to do this update in HTML, my full apologies if it fucks everything up. I tried, also ignore any spelling or grammer errors as I can’t check em. But then, if you have ever read anything Pat has written it is unlikely that you would notice them ...

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