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Yesterday they screened my corporate documentary at the corporate doco screenings. There were lots of good ones. By good fortune, we went on after what had to be unequivocally the WORST third year production I have ever seen. The sound was giving this loud buzz feedback the whole time so you couldn’t hear ANYTHING that anyone said. It was plain sailing after that. Our tutor had a few nitpicky issues with it (a few rough jump cuts, patchy sound here and there) but the other tutor who also marks it said something to the effect of ‘highly polished…if I wanted a corporate video in the professional world, thats what I would expect’. So I’m expecting some good grades for this. Finally! All the hard work paid off and I am now totally finished for the semester *pumps fist*.

I’ve lent my laptop to a buddy for a few days so no more updates for a while (I’m writing this at an internet cafe). I’m off to celebrate. Lots of drinking and blowing money on comics and DVDs and stuff. It’s going to be a good two months break.

I think I’ll give Polly a visit over the weekend too. It’s been long overdue.

Edo Happy.

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Wow…corporate documentaries sound prestigious..defenitly a good niche to be involved in. Good stuff

Posted by Pat @ 06/12/2003 05:12 AM AST

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