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Blinkity Blank Blank Blank Blank

So i had a good Valentine’s Day. I felt like a Lady. Ooh-er. I got the biggest bunch of flowers i’ve ever seen in my life, then we went to see Lord of the Rings because i am perhaps the only person in the world who hadn’t seen it yet, then dinner at Wagamama’s. All I got Rob was a card, so i’ve declared myself the worst girlfriend in the world. And also the worst sister in the world, because every time my sister rings me up and asks me when i’m coming home i’m like “i dunno” so on Tuesday she will come to see me and to also deliver an awesome laptop courtesy of my soon-to-be brother-in-law.

My giant jar of jelly beans is half full. Uh oh.

Saw my blinky dissertation tutor just now, and as usual I had nothing to say to him. He wants me to contact Ridley Scott for my dissertation. I’m like, yeah a hollywood director is going to take time out of his busy hollywood schedule to answer any silly questions i may have for him. Hmm…But still, how brilliantly driven and dedicated would i look if i managed it. Hoohoo!

Spent three hours putting music onto my iPod last night. I seem to go through phases of being a razz monster or a geek. Selecta!

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