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Youtube Friday: Google Glass technology

We’re big fans of gadgets and technology on The FAT Website and so its pretty cool to see what we are apparently on the cusp of wearable technology becoming the next big thing with Apple reportedly balls deep in R&D on an iWatch and Google rolling out this video of Glass, their hi-tech spectacles that record and access the internet. ...

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Youtube Friday: Google’s Project Glass

I thought this concept video from Google showing us their aspirations for creating augmented reality glasses was pretty interesting.  The concepts for what appear in the HUD are pretty much already in existence.  Whats more interesting to me is how they would be projected.  I can’t imagine its going to be a world in which everyone wears glasses.  Surely some ...

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VHA Sales Conference 2011

This might be a good time to talk about my new job. I alluded to having a new job earlier in the year but haven’t really had a chance to write about it.  Partly because on my second day in the new role, the Queensland Floods happened and I didn’t go to work for nearly two weeks, so there wasn’t ...

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