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Ladies and gentlemen…AMERICA FACE!!!

I am in California. It is surreal. Stupidly surreal. The first sign I saw as I drove out of LA airport was one for Inglewood (as in California Love’s “…Compton, Long beach Inglewood”) Followed closely by signs for Sunset Boulevard, and Santa Monica Boulevard (…and watch the sun come up over Santa Monica Boulevard”)

Very Odd.

The greatest pissoff I’ve had was when I first got on the plane. It was about 11am so I had already had 3 or 4 stellas. I sat down, the pushed the cart around, and the conversation was as follows:
American Airlines Lady: Would you like a drink sir?
Me: Yeah, I’ll have a cold beer please
American Airlines Lady: Are you 21 sir?
Me: No.
American Airlines Lady: I’m sorry we can’t serve you alcohol then…we have soda, juices..
Me: Hold on, we are still on the ground in the Uk, therefore, as a 19 year old, I am legal to drink alcohol…right?
American Airlines Lady: Im sorry sir
Me: Geezus, had I known I would have just got tanked before I came on the plane. Next time i’m bringing my own.

I can’t belive it. 19 years old and I cant have a beer on the plane.

Yesterday I went and applied for a Social Security number. And registered at College, went on an orientation and did a maths and English test. Blah. Easy peasy.

I also sat in on a meeting between the soccer(sic) coach and his players. And after an hour of BS about commitment, dedication, the importance of movement, cover, and support, I came to a conclusion. I am not going to play college soccer (sic). It’s like look american dude, I just get on the field, and I play, I don’t need a blackboard to tell me what to do.

The fact that they train for 3 hours everyday, starting at 8am also had a lot to do with my decision.

I sat on the top of the stadium yesterday and collected my thoughts. I looked down at the football field (sic) and out at the sea, over at the harbour and down at the cheerleading squad doing their streches. California is beautiful.

I want to start a band called “The Sam Oakley Band” like dave matthews. I think that would be cool. but arent all the other members in the band like fully pissed off? Dont they all have identity issues?

Enough rambling.

Im going to find a job today. woop-de-fucking-do

Posted by Sam @ 10:40 PM AST [Link]

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Soccer Face!!!!!!

Posted by Tom McNeill @ 08/15/2002 11:20 PM AST

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