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Youtube Friday: Google Glass technology

We’re big fans of gadgets and technology on The FAT Website and so its pretty cool to see what we are apparently on the cusp of wearable technology becoming the next big thing with Apple reportedly balls deep in R&D on an iWatch and Google rolling out this video of Glass, their hi-tech spectacles that record and access the internet.

People might argue that the video has it all wrong and we don’t skydive often enough to make use of this technology.  But I would have loved, loved, to have a first-person perspective recording my recent trip to the States.  From catching the snippets of conversation with the people I met to recording my vantage point when I cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge to watching edited highlights of Pat getting progressively more drunk…these glasses would have been amazing.

To be honest, I’d probably sell my kidney and re-do my whole America trip once these bad boys come out.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Edit:  Here’s a good article on what its like to use Google Glass.

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