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TV Show Round Up: Lost is eight years old

“They took maaah boy!!!” Sure it went for about two seasons too long and Abrams couldn’t stick the ending but it was still one hell of a ride and I still remember being absolutely mesmerized by that cracking first season.  The agonizing wait for every new episode.  The excited speculation in the office about the latest mystery.  Polar bears, man.  ...

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Weezer’s new album

It’s been a long time since Weezer but out anything worth listening to and chances are, this new album, coming out a scant twelve months after their last effort, probably won’t be any different.  Having said that, while the quality of the tracks themselves might not be any good, there’s no doubting that this is one of the finest album ...

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The Lost Finale

"It was all just a dream"

Lets discuss the Lost finale!  (spoilers ahoy) I think the most succinct summary I’ve read for the Lost finale that sums up the general feeling is: “The problem with Lost has always been that the fans watch the show for the plot, and the creators think they watch it for the characters.” – Chris Suellentrop, journalist. Which is more or ...

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Lost – So long and thanks for all the Jackface


This week (depending on which country you lived in) brought to a close the popular television series Lost.  I have a lot of fond memories of both the show and the countless hours we spent speculating on the assorted mysteries that it served up each week. Can you remember when you first watched the show?  I was working for Orange ...

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Lost Season Six

*spoilers for the first two episodes* So I finally got around to watching the double-length episodes that started Season Six of Lost.  I can’t really say I know what to make of it.  The show seems so far up its own ass at this point that I’m not entirely sure the writers know where they’re going with this. So, you’ve ...

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The FAT Website Show – The Vodcast: Part One

While Mike and Matt were in Brisbane we had a go at recording a video podcast, or a ‘vodcast’.  Unfortunately, it didn’t really work.  We had six people, two video cameras (one which ran out of memory half way through recording), five regular cameras and no organisation for what we were going to talking about.  It took a little while ...

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TV Show Round Up: Lost, South Park

– Tuesday, November 30, 2004 I thought last week that LOST and South Park wasn’t on because it was Thanksgiving. It turns out I was only half right. LOST actually got put back a week so they could make room for the two hour season premiere of The Bachelor. What a load of crap. Here’s Wednesday’s South Park… Episode 812: ...

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