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Lost Season Six

*spoilers for the first two episodes*

So I finally got around to watching the double-length episodes that started Season Six of Lost.  I can’t really say I know what to make of it.  The show seems so far up its own ass at this point that I’m not entirely sure the writers know where they’re going with this.

So, you’ve got multiple timeline strands going at once now including one where the Oceanic flight doesn’t go down.  Thats great and all but I feel like the show no longer has any clear direction.  For the first three seasons, the big hook was how they could get off the island.  The fifth season rather boldly turned this on its head but now what?  We’re back to watching the Losties try to get off the island again?  Even though they sort of already are in a different timeline?  Where’s the suspense in that?

The point at which I threw my arms up in the air in exasperation was at the ‘cliffhanger’ ending to the episode where a previously deceased Sayid comes back to life much to the shock of the other Losties.  Why is this shocking to anyone?  Its such a cheap and overused occurence on this show now that its happened to about three other people.

This season better improve.  I so badly want decent closure to this show 🙁

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  1. Completely agree. Someone asked me what I thought of it – and I was a bit lost for words (no pun intended). Theres no clear direction and is all a bit overcomplicated.

    Why is Sawyer ALWAYS so stressed out and angry in every episode?
    For three seasons these people haven’t slept, eaten or dranks anything!
    I thought the introduction of the Japenese guy who was going to happily kill Jack etc was a bit much too.

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