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Man, my ass is big

Yesterday i was meant to get down to it and work on my essays. THis did not happen!!! Instead, i woke up to a text message my dad sent me telling me my dog had died on FRIDAY!! it took them two days to tell me!!! What the shit is that? THen i got a message from my friends saying they were heading off to Noodle City for lunch, so i went with them. I gorged myself on noodles…taaasty! DEcided that since we were out, why not go to a pub,. so we went to the Junction, one of the more studenty hangouts in town. We sat on theses huge ass sofas, and i thought what the hell, if i’ve got work to do i might as well do it drunk. THat way i might waffle on alot more. When the boys left, it was just me and two other of my girlfirends sitting there. And some random dude with a Nigerian accent introduced himself to us…as Chee. WE left soon after. Chee wasnt down with it. heh heh…. we headed home, and as i crawled up the staris to our apartment Anna opened the door with two bottles of wine, so me being on the raz as it was thought this was a brilliant idea. Two hours later we’re dancing around in my flatmate Mikey’s clothes listening to awful pop music. It was well needed! Sometimes you just have to do NOTHING but kickback, or else you’d go insane.

As for Prom. It was good!! The campus was decked out beautifully, a couple of bands from the music department were playing. The famous Model Boy that i’m constantly perving on was playing…the man is a god. And he really is a model. Enuf said. My mate Charlene and me went to the RnB room and danced our way up front to see Trevor Nelson. That man is the nicest guy, he smiled this huge pearly grin and waved at us. No big headedness at all…although physically his head is rather large. I didnt get any hassle from Rob like i thought i would, in fact when we were walking hom i had to take my shoes off in agony, so he took his off too, so we’d suffer together. So sweet, i’m gonna barf.

I realised this morning that i’ve lost the disc with all my work and notes on it for this god awful essay. AM i stressed? YES. I’m at the girl’s hosue now scribbling as much useless garbage off the internet as i can. Oh well…i suck. Went to Sainsbury’s this morning and got toothpaste and pasta, cuz they are so important. Chuckled to myself as i was lying in bed this morning because i must have been playing Bruce Springsteen’s Going Down on repeat before i passed out last night. And the fact that I was wearing Mikey’s bermuda shorts and a bikini didnt help either. Neither did the kermit the frog attached to my necklace help too…What the hell did i get up to last night?!

SHASHA IS THE BEST. Its nice to read/hear a compliment about yourself when you least expect it.
i dunno how to do that linky stuff, but is it so there we go.

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Condolences on your dog dying. Thats always rough.

Posted by Edo @ 05/29/2003 06:58 PM AST

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