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TV Show Round Up: Lost is eight years old

“They took maaah boy!!!”

Sure it went for about two seasons too long and Abrams couldn’t stick the ending but it was still one hell of a ride and I still remember being absolutely mesmerized by that cracking first season.  The agonizing wait for every new episode.  The excited speculation in the office about the latest mystery.  Polar bears, man.  What could it all mean?

Goddamn, it was a great show.  Even now, you can see that Lost is the insipiration for so many shows today and none of them can hold a candle to this magnificent creation.  All those fantastic characters:  Jackface, Sawyer, Jin, Kate (so hot), Locke, Benry, Waaaaaalt.

I think I might watch Pilot and Walkabout from Season One to revisit some of the show’s best early episodes.

It’s a shame I lost my copy of The FAT Website podcast where we sat around and hypothesized what would happen in Season Three for a couple of hours.  They were good times.

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