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U.S Presidential Elections 2012: Romney Wins The First Debate


Mitt Romney finally struck a successful blow in his campaign for the presidency on Tuesday night when he was unanimously declared the winner of the first debate against Barack Obama.  The topic of the night was domestic policy, with the economy and healthcare being the two big ticket items up for discussion.  Romney trotted out the same lies that he ...

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I realise i could have posted the video below in the comments section of Edo’s last blog but i thought this deserved it’s own spot on the front page for a bit. Jonathan Mann (of CO-OP theme song fame, amongst other things) is really freaking awesome and has written a song about Sarah Palin’s resignation using words from her speech ...

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The World Needs More Trigs

Happy American Independence Day everyone. I see that Sarah Palin announced her resignation as Governor of Alaska today.  There were some rumours earlier in the day that she might have been looking for a senate seat or that this move was geared towards kickstarting a 2012 Presidential campaign but I believe its confirmed that Palin is not only resigning as ...

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