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Gay Paree

This recent weekend i had the priviledge of visiting the capitals of Belgium and France: Brussels and Paris. Starting with Brussels, this was a law trip organized by the school, so a bus load of us headed down the highway (about two hours) to Brussels. We had two hours free to look around the city and check out the attractions. ...

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I Feel Yuck

Too many assignments due tomorrow. Did no work yesterday. Worked on Mcgee’s film shoot then went home and got loaded. Now its Sunday morning and I feel like crap and I have a sore throat and there is only beer to drink in the house and I have no money. Yuck. Posted by Edo @ 05:37 AM AST [Link] [1 ...

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Disco inferno

i’m sick AGAIN. I didnt think it was humanly possible to have the flu 3 times in two weeks, but there you go. I’ve done it. It is also why i have decided to do the unthinkable and give up smoking…yes shock horror, i am going to quit smoking!!! I’ve had enough of the money that i waste on it, ...

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I’m sick

i’m sick. and i don’t like it. this is why i haven’t been posting. it looks like a bunch of other people are sick too. or havign too much fun to bother posting. anyways. i should appologies to edo becasue i haven’t written my column yet. infact i didn’t even realise today was thursday. i haven’t been to comic shop ...

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Winter virii

I can’t believe how scathing that last (or should I say, first) post was. I hope I haven’t offended anybody. I’ve just got this incredible anger against the world. No, I’m not a psychopath, I just have the flu and you know how illness tends to make you all indignant. One almost hates the world when one is sick, don’t ...

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