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Midweek Rant

First of all, a hearty FUCK YOU to Microsoft for that nonsense with XP. For those of you not in the loop, there was some big gaping security flaw in Windows XP which Microsoft put out a patch for but not before it spread to a shitload of computers worldwide. It worked on a time release and a couple of days ago, if you had the virus, it would restart your computer in 60 seconds whenever you went online. If you’re on XP and don’t have an anti-virus program, GET ONE.

I went and saw American Wedding the other night with the girls. Denise was pissing herself through the whole film, clapping and snorting with laughter. When we come out the cinema she’s like ‘that was okay i guess’. Personally, it was embarassing because I kept laughing at bits where everyone else remaind silent (mostly Stifler’s cussing) and then I was silent while everyone pissed themselves over the poo gags. Hate that.

Yesterday, my friend Josh turned 20. He was playing a gig at the Campus Bands Show at school. There were like five bands. Josh’s band *would’ve* been excellent except for the horrific sound mixer guy who screwed up the sound something awful. Went to Josh’s swanky house for drinks and pizza afterwards. All the pizzas had pretty much nothing but meat on them. Tasty.

It seems like a horrible cliche but film students only seem to talk about films. Such was the case at Josh’s gathering. Whenever me and Mcgee had a chat about anything else like comics or music, we kept getting dirty looks. Fortunately, the Political Discussion we had about Howard Dean was saved when I steered the conversation towards Arnie running for the California Governor position so everyone could join in with ‘Terminate the deficite’ jokes.

Apparently Mcgee isn’t going to England in November anymore which, although is a bummer for her, is sweet for me since it means I can hang out with her more. It also means I’ll push back my going back to Brunei until mid-December. That said, I’m already thinking about New Years in Labuan again at Polly’s sister’s club. Mike, will you be back?

There’s the big Film Club Fundraiser night on tomorrow at The Globe and a Josh’s Pajama Party on Saturday. Should be a good weekend.

Midweek rant over.

Posted by Edo @ 04:15 PM AST [Link] [3 comments]

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win95 > winxp

Posted by Edo @ 08/15/2003 02:58 PM AST

windows 98 represent motherfuckers

Posted by mike @ 08/15/2003 09:51 AM AST

i always like ME, dispite it many flaws, it i loath xp’s bubble skin and i like the fact that i can do ANYTHING to my pc

Posted by chris @ 08/14/2003 09:57 PM AST

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