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Anwar aquitted of sodomy charges

Long before the FAT website was endorsing political candidates like Kevin Rudd and Barack Obama, thirteen years ago we were singing protest songs in support of Anwar Ibrahim, a progressive opposition candidate in Malaysia who ran against Doctor Mahatir in Malaysia.  Anwar was jailed for trumped up sodomy charges to derail his campaign in 2000 and was freed four years ...

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Hey its still the 2nd of October here, when I updated after Dan who updated on the 3rd. Hmm useless information for you. Anyways, apologies for not updating the survivor thing, I am actually very busy at the moment with school and my social life is increasing. WOOHOO! Sorry to Sam about the dumping business, pretty touching stuff on your ...

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The good and bad things about living in Canada

Good Things 1. All the movies are realeased a lot earlier than a lot of other places. 2. You get lots of time on the internet 3. There are lots of hot chicks 4. There is a ski resort nearby to use 5. The school does lots of trips, i.e the golf course yeah…remember “Pat the Golfer” 6. Theres cheap ...

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