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Will I grow up to be as cool as Brian Bothwell?

holiday finished… dam.

however i do have a few decent activities lined up for the next couple of weeks:

– 3 partys
– going to the zoo
– punk show
– finding/making an Xman costume
– dressing up as an X-man
– going to watch X-men2
and a couple of final exams thrown in there too.

This Xmen thing all started about 2 months ago when all of a sudden i was hit by a bolt inspiration for no apparent reason. Being a fan of Bryan Singer and the X-men i simply couldnt resist the oppertunity to go to the premiere dressed as a star of the comic books. I tried to convince my friends that this was a superb idea and that they should join me… they actually agreed!! cool.
The next thing to do was plan, who goes as who. this was settled by writing the names of 20 xmen, ripping the paper up and drawing the names out of a hat… who did i pick you ask? ….. why none other than good ol’ Wheels himself, Prof. Charles Xavier. nice! my plan is to go beat up a handicap and steal the wheelchair. with a combination of the wheels and a swimming cap, i wouldnt be surprised if people mistook me as Patrick Stewart himself.

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