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No more leaving on a jetplane

so whats brunei like after a 8 month break? ha, come on… who doesnt know the answer to that!

You know i think its finally fitting that we have a member of this site back in Brunei where it all began.. i mean every member of the blog section of the site is a ex-bruneian tribal warrior, thus making perfect sense that we finally have someone updating from the countrry… What? Ok fine! i’m trying to find excuses for me being back here when i could be in any country on the globe… stop laughing at me!! ass.

(change of subject)

You know when i was in italy i saw a guy wearing a t-shirt, on the fron of the t-shirt was a white peace sign.. on the back was the words: “We Wont Peace in the World”. i instantly burst into hysterics, thinking that this was a cunning marketing ploy that was ment to read “we wont piss in the world”.. however after some consideration i realized that this sounded stupid and scrapped that thought. Then it dawned apon me.. the shirt was actually spelt wrong! the word “wont” had been mistaken for the word “want”… thus making me burst into hysterics yet again. That was the night where i lost all my friends… they thought i was laughing at the thought of Peace in the world rather than the Italian ignorance of the english language. ass.

I spoke to Edo online last night for the first time in around 8 months.. as usual an hour of it was spent catching up on Wrestling… however, the August discussions of New Year were also in the conversation. Post in the comment box if your gonna be in Brunei around December-ish time.

And so it begins.


Posted by Matt @ 02:10 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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that chris guy… he reads it… over and over. (tehe)


Posted by Matt @ 08/22/2003 01:38 PM AST

Does anyone from Brunei still even read our website?

I’ve always wanted to know who our readers are. We have about 400 regular readers. Who could they be? I can guess about 40-50 of them but thats it really.

Posted by Edo @ 08/21/2003 04:27 PM AST

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