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In the latest instalment of Visually Interesting Obscure Films, I present Cargo, a shoestring budget German-language Swiss produced sci-fi film.  It’s actually pretty darn good.  If you can find it screening anywhere in your local cinema, check it out! This is what a $4 million dollar budget in the Swiss film industry gets you: My review of Cargo can be ...

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Mr Nobody: A $50 Million Belgian Sci-Fi

It keeps raining on the weekends in Brisbane.  I think this is the fourth weekend in a row where this has happened.  The upshot of it all is that Jen ends up reading her Sooky Stackhouse books all day and I catch up on weird arthouse films that no one else has the patience to watch with me. You can ...

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Three awesome looking but slightly average films

There are a lot of ingredients that have to come together for a film to be truly great.  Sometimes a film will come along that blows you away with spectacular visual effects or striking costumes and imagery only to be let down by shoddy characterisation, poor pacing or a clunky script.  For every great ‘effects’ movie that comes along, such ...

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