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Initial impressions – FIFA 10

For the first time in four years, I’ve picked up a new football game: FIFA 10.

I blogged at length about this previously, around the time Edge Magazine put FIFA on its cover and heralded it as the premiere video game franchise, taking the title back from Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven.

I’m looking forward to playing a season of the A-League and frankly, I probably couldn’t do much worse than the Brisbane Roar in real life with our crap form, multiple suspensions and a former manager who was busted drinking and driving on his way to work.

Hurry up TFW bloggers and pick up a copy of this game on Xbox 360.  I want to get some games going online too.

Lastly, I’m stealing this from Something Awful but I think its kind of funny how the last few years of FIFA box art basically document Wayne Rooney’s receeding hairline.






Poor dude is going to look like Benjamin Button by the time the next FIFA World Cup Edition rolls around.

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  1. Its a bit random that after four years of Ronaldinho – the next best person they could get was….Tim Cahill!!

  2. Thats just because my copy is Australian and I’m pretty sure the Google Image Search versions of FIFA are the UK one.

    Just as well we have Cahill though. If he wasn’t playing I don’t know who we would have there. Brett Emmerton? Josh Kennedy maybe?

    As for deciding between FIFA and Pro Evo, I think it comes down to this:

    – If you still have an Xbox Live connection, you can download a demo for both games and they seem to be a fair indiciation of the final products gameplay.

    – My feeling is that FIFA has copied enough of Pro Evo’s control scheme that its pretty easy making the change.

    – FIFA having a crapload more licenses is a nice bonus. I like being playing able to play A-League and SPL teams for example.

    – I think Pro Evo has the nicer player models and I’m more comfortable with it for goal-scoring.

    – That said, its probably really hard to score because I’m playing as Brisbane Roar.

    – Havent had a chance to play FIFA online yet so I don’t know how good/bad it is.

    Overall, I’d say give FIFA a go this year. Or get Pro Evo, then wait six months and FIFA 10 will probably be half price when a ‘World Cup FIFA’ edition of the game comes out.

  3. You can change the controls on FIFA to mirror Pro Evo which is good. I agree goal scoring is a bit more frantic rather than pro evo is more controled playing all round.

    I may get pro evo as well – don’t have xbox live at the moment. I hear PS3 don’t charge for online play where as xbox does. Whats that all about!

    Getting a new TV soon which will enhance the game play all round!

  4. I have both FIFA 10 and PES 2010 on PC. I have to admit, PES 2010 trumps the Fifa version when it comes to graphics. But I liked the playability of Fifa 10, it’s a lot more realistic compared to PES’s robotic movements. Now FIFA 11 is out, simply fabulous!

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