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Pajama Party

Saturday night was Josh’s Pajama Party. I borrowed some off Kolitha since I’m a t-shirt and boxers man in bed myself. I went over to Mcgee and Denise’s place since Denise was the only one who knew where this thing was on. Neither of them wore PJs. Denise wears a t-shirt and track-pants to bed and Mcgee sleeps nude and neither were about to go to a party looking like *that*.

Josh was pretty pissed when we got there. He was drinking a beer for every year he had been alive and when we got there I think he was ten years old already.

Mcgee and Denise were both kinda killjoy and sat outside most of the time smoking since they objected to the music. I tried mingling and shit but ultimately ended up outside too.

I had an ’embarassing moments’ conversation with my friend Mel at the party who was pretty honest and open. We shared stories about being caught masturbating. You can add your own stories in the comments section.

Caught up with Kate on the phone. It was good talking to her. I miss Kate. I haven’t seen her in two and a half years.

Matt popped up briefly on the tagboard with the message ‘Coming Soon’. Looking forward to hearing about his travels in Europe and what he’s going to be doing with himself now.

In case you missed it: Yes, I am kicking ass in the Spy Magazine fantasy football league.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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