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The good old days

I’m still in the process of uploading the old archives onto the site.  I do a little bit every night.  I’m probably only a third of the way there.  While its a bit of an effort, its been highly entertaining reading the old entries from everyone.  I’m surprised how different we seem even five years ago, let alone the original blogs from 2000 which seem like they’re written by entirely different people all together.

I enjoy reading about the references to cultural landmarks along the way such as Napster, 9/11, the War in Iraq and Facebook.  We really have been doing this a while now.

And look how we’ve all grown up!  Since those days in Brunei, we’ve gone on to become bio-chemical journalists, dot com managers, marketing consultants and the latest Twitter update from Mike mentions that he is currently lurking around the gay district of LA looking for work.  Some of us are soon to be married.  Some of us own property.  Its fascinating seeing it all unfold and I’m glad we’ve got The Fat Website back to document our trials and tribulations.

Hopefully Matt, Dan and Sam will get around to blogging soon.  And if anyone can convince Rod to come back after a near ten year absense…well, they would deserve a cookie.

Once the blog archives are restored, I’ll get around to creating a photo gallery.  It’s been too long since we trotted out some of the old photos from back in the day.

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