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This is a subcategory dedicated to reviewing and discussing films that were made before 2000. They are loosely referred to as Classics based on the age and notoriety of the film, not its quality.

Saboteur [1942]


There are a number of Hitchcock films that follow a format whereby a case of mistaken identity forces a reluctant hero on a cross country search for justice.  It’s a good template and one of my favourite set ups for a Hitchcock film.  He employs it to good use in The 39 Steps, The Man Who Knew Too Much and ...

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Batman Returns [1992]


Batman Returns is the sequel to the hugely popular Batman film by Tim Burton.  It was released three years after the original, retained Burton and Keaton but introduced two new villains – Danny De Vito as Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer in probably her most famous cinematic role as Cat Woman. I mentioned in my review of Batman that I thought ...

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Batman [1989]


Batman is a crime-fighting comic book super hero created by Bob Kane that has captured the imagination of readers and has been a part of popular culture for over seventy years.  While the Dark Knight has a long and illustrious history in print, he also has a pretty solid legacy in film also. Tim Burton’s Batman, released in 1989, was ...

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Gremlins [1984]


Gremlins is a most excellent Christmas movie made by Steven Spielberg just a couple of years after he scored big with E.T.  It was made during the height of Hollywood’s interest in big budget animatronic creature features during the Eighties. The film has a fairytale like quality to it.  The characters are all very well known storytelling archetypes.  There’s the ...

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