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Some people call me the space cowboy

but unfortunately, no-one calls me the gangster of love. Shame really, that would be a hella cool title to have.

I had my first ever college class today. Afte being talked at for 40 minutes, we had to get in pairs and introduce ourselves to one other person in the class. Everyone was like, getting in pairs, and I was just kind of sat at the back looking nonchalant (sp?) when some girl walks over, introduces herself as Laura and sits down.

We do the usual ‘where you from, why you’re doing this course, whats your hobbies, blah blah blah’. I wasnt really paying attention to her though coz she talked way too much, and her favourite subject seemed to be herself. Also, she had some misconceptions about her own importance in the world. She seemed to think she was worldly, and she obviously had not listened to a WORD i had said to her about me because she comes out with “I moved around a lot as a kid, and so like, I was always having to make new friends and leave them behind. I’ve like lived in 5 different cities in California!”

Well hooray for you, I suppose you missed the bit where I said I had grown up in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Brunei and the UK. I know all about leaving friends behind missy! And she started rambling on about how she could never make friends in High School until her last year…I’m not suprised, you probably never listened to anyone else.

While my conversation with her annoyed me somewhat, it was also highly entertaining. The whole ‘Americans dont know anything about anywhere, apart from America…is SO true’.

Anyway, after class I go outside and have a smoke, and watch the beautiful people go by. Everyone looks like a frikin moviestar here!!

Apart from that, I got my first English class tomorrow, should be interesting, considering I will be the only one in there speaking English! heheh

Oh, I got the Stone Sour album yesterday. This is Corey Taylor’s and Jim from Slipknot’s side project. Its really really good. Its basically how Slipknot should have sounded if they were a normal band. Very Alice In Chains esque. I strongly suggest if you have any love for metal at all you check it out. “Get Inside” is the single, but my favourite off the album has to be “Monolith”. Very cool.

Oh, and Edo, I found those T-shirts you were after here…..enjoy

Posted by Sam @ 11:04 AM AST [Link]

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some peeeeople call me mauuuurice! *whistles*

you dirty man. using my space to host things when you don’t update anyways. not that it matters or anything.

Posted by sha @ 08/25/2002 11:29 PM AST

Samuel oakley…whats you email address nowadays? Now that we are on the same continent now

Posted by Pat @ 08/22/2002 03:29 PM AST

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