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Results Day?

So yesterday was A-level results day (as well as AS-levels too). But i didnt think i’d mention it yesterday cause its not rerally interesting news… but today is a whole different story.

As Brunei is 7 hours ahead of England i had to wait until the evening to call my school and recieve this years grades. I called… and called… and called. I CALLED FOR THREE FUCKING HOURS! every single fucking time it was engaged! arrggh! So i thought what was a reasonable thing to do? in responce to this i decided that i’d email them and ask them to email my results back to me. bu did they?? HELL NO!

My only explanation for this is that i either did really bad and they are trying not to ruin my summer by telling me the results or they just plain hate me and get their little kicks out of my non-stop suffering… either way they are large poo poo heads.

oh well, lets wait for another 12 hours why dont i?


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