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No mention of wrestling here!

Good morning…

It is faaaar to early and i am stuck behind a computer at work… truth is that i have nothing to do at work today.. absolutly FUCK ALL. therefore i will spend 8-10 hours on the internet whilst wishing i remembered what not being tired felt like.

I am jealous of sam… i wanna see cheerleaders with there legs apart infront of me! … mind you i wouldnt mind playing abit of ‘soccer’ with some americans too… haha, americans and ‘soccer’! good stuff.

My dad told me yesterday that i have to go back to england early cause i have a week long job lined up as some judge’s slacky. This sounds pretty poo, but i guess its kinda cool cause i get to sit in court all day and not have to testify. Plus i get to walk in and out of the room with ‘important documents’… i think i’ll time this just as the judge is about give the sentence… tehe.

Judge: I rule in favour of the plaintif, and the defendant has to pay…
Me: WAIT! i have important documents!
Judge: Concerning what?
Me: Um… free lunch buffet in the Criminal Court dinning hall.

AHH. the posibilities are endless!

In other news, the english premier league (football) starts this weekend. Hey, it’s not the best football in the world but Brunei has mass coverage of it (6 games a week!) so it’ll keep me entertained whilst i’m still here. Place your bets now… i’ve got $1000 on Man Utd winning it by November.

adios for now


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